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After the duo was promoted to the Raw roster without Carmella and she was later drafted over to SmackDown, it seems that her relationship became strained and after the couple bought a house together, they announced that they had decided to go their separate ways earlier this year. On 3rd AprilAJ Lee retired from pro wrestling. Email Comment Whilst the wrestling business is famed for its engaging, competitive Erika Eleniak Toples Pics product and its legendary feuds and storylines, there's a very special place in the business for the glamourous female performer. Even Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort she is with WWE since she only made her in-ring debut in It seems that Rosemary isn't a woman who likes to make her private Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort public information, but she Chloe Moretz Nude reported to be single at this present moment in time. Her husband CM Punks controversial exist from the company is believed to be one of the reasons for her retirement. Claiming that wrestling had led to a life of sin, she retired in November as she dedicated her life to God.

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During this times she made few in-ring appearances. Trish Stratus is probably one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. Paige traveled throughout Europe and performed in several independent circuits before joining WWE in

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Paige traveled throughout Europe and performed in several independent circuits before joining WWE in Surprisingly, considering the amount of years that many of the Diva Search girls would stay with the company, Christy departed the WWE in Stratus got married to her high school boyfriend Ron Fisico on 30th September and the couples have two children together. She has been a fan of professional wrestling ever since she was a child and has been working her way up through the business over the past decade until she signed for Impact Wrestling back in

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She was born on 4th December in St. And like many women of that time, Hemme was another who would end up posing in Playboy Magazine. She first won a bronze Olympic medal in judo at the Summer Olympics in and became the first female American Judo athlete to win an Olympic medal in Judo. Even though she hasn't been part of anything of note over the past few weeks, heading into the biggest event of the year, it is thought that Nikki is a star that will be controlling the NXT Women's Division in the future.

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A homemade sex tape, the video was mass distributed by Red Light District Video. She's doing some incredible things on TV right now and her personal life was a huge distraction. She may not have won herself any titles during her WWE stint, but her Playboy spread certainly saw her win the hearts of many. But a year later she canceled the engagement. Upon her arrival, she signed a contract with WWE. She also performed as Raw general manager for a few months. Baszler could become NXT Women's Champion for the first time this weekend at Takeover: New Orleans and it seems that the main reason that the star is single right now is because she would definitely be a hard woman to handle.

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Maria was ditzy, perky and a lot of fun. She portrayed an airhead who would often mix up her words for comedic effect. The act caught on enough that she eventually worked her way into an in-ring role.

Maria began dating Santino in an entertaining pairing that saw her remain a face. She later moved to on-air relationships with Dolph Ziggler and Matt Hardy. Even though she was popular, Maria was released in without much fanfare. However, she's recently talked about WWE reaching out to her for another possible run. Let's hope it happens, as the division could use her.

Something stood out though: a gigantic, disgusting and fake-looking mole on her face. Vince McMahon was already a few years behind on the Austin Powers joke of a character accidentally talking about a someone else's mole. But the company went ahead with it anyway and revolved an entire gimmick around it. Later, Jillian Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort a singer. She sang often, loud and obnoxiously. It was good heat for a while but eventually it wore out its welcome.

Once that gimmick ran its course, she was released. You have to give Jillian credit for being able to stick around as long as she did after suffering through multiple lousy acts. Kai also competed at the inaugural Survivor Series and Royal Rumble shows. After leaving the company inshe briefly returned to duel Madusa at WrestleMania 10 in a losing effort. Faye had a raw power that few other women could Karina Avakyan Nude and delivered a devastating sit-down powerbomb as her finisher.

It would absolutely level her opponents. But this was all in Japan, where she was a big draw. She decided to bring her talent to the WWF. Once she debuted, though, she was stuck with a silly gimmick. Instead of being pushed as a monster heel, which made her so popular overseas, Marnie Simpson Naakt WWF made her a joke.

She lived in a trailer park and dated the much smaller Harvey Wippleman. It was basically the lame humor that the WWE still loves. According to Bret Hartthe WWF also took away her power moves because the men were using the same Peggy Lipton Hots. She later took her title at SummerSlam. After dropping the title back to Blayze, Faye left the company shortly after. Sadly, Faye never showed up in the WWF again Sophie Brussaux Hot she committed suicide in WWE, though, wasn't too impressed with her title run.

Her Matrix-inspired babyface gimmick was scrapped, and she was quickly turned heel. Kim turned her career around there and became the face of the company's Knockouts Division. Another run in the WWE seemed like an exciting prospect.

A couple years later she did return. With a series of vignettes hyping her arrival, it seemed that big things were in store for her. They were not. She even got herself fired on purpose when she eliminated herself from a Festival Toples Tumblr royal. Luckily for her, she went back to a better home in TNA.

Granted, only four teams ever held the title, but Martin did it twice. They held onto them for another days until the titles were unceremoniously abandoned in Martin was a staple of the women's division throughout the '80s and could always be counted on giving her babyface counterpart a hard time in the ring. The group broke up prematurely, and Natalya moved on to a singles career.

After feuding with LayCool, she captured the Divas title. Things were Mercedes Javid Instagram good for her. Her next gimmick was regrettable, Véronique Cloutier Instagram say the least. A lot. Mercifully, the childish gimmick was dropped within a couple Brooke D Orsay Hots, but the damage was done.

It's doubtful that Steve Austin himself could come back from that one. She did eventually capture the gold against Moolah, only to drop it back to her again. When the WWF scrapped the division inMcIntyre disappeared, but not before enjoying a successful run in the company. But much like nearly every other woman wrestler in the WWF, Robin was let go in when the division was dissolved.

Upon her departure, she was the last wrestler to hold the Women's Championship. Christian could learn a thing or two from it.

Kaitlyn is just Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort started in her WWE career, but it's already off to a solid start. Kaitlyn captured the Divas title from Eve Torres which effectively retired herand had a nice five-month run before dropping it to her old friend and former Chickbuster partner Lee.

He had no idea what he was getting into when he married Dawn Marie. You have to give Marie credit for being able to switch up her character after leaving ECW. She was no longer a ditsy bimbo. She became a manipulative villain. In a bizarre storyline, even by pro wrestling standards, she became Wilson's evil Bilder Instagrame Frauen Kostenlos. The two faced off in the first and only stepdaughter vs.

The good times didn't last long for Marie as Al ended up "dying" on their honeymoon. It was terribly awesome television. The rest of her run was largely forgettable as she briefly feuded with Miss Jackie over Charlie Haas. Really, once you have a catfight at your husband's "funeral" with Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort daughter, there's nowhere else to go. In a final low blow by the WWE, they released Marie while she was on maternity leave. At first, Dragons Astrid Toples was a pretty terrible wrestler but actually grew to be a pretty decent one.

She also grew into a good, overbearing heel persona. Some wrestling historians Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort Michelle a trailblazer. After having a few years with a pretty big push, she fell Nackt Am Berg the map.

Perhaps Michelle has opened the door for future commercial stars to cross over. How long will it be until we see Flo the Progressive Girl in the ring. If you watched Tough Enough, you may never have guessed that Melina would someday make the main roster. The trio, known as MNM, were a constant target Bayley Instagram Pics the paparazzi. They were flashy and exciting to watch.

After Blanka Vlasic Escort broke up, Melina began to break out on her own.

She was surprisingly pretty good in the ring and delivered perfectly obnoxious promos. She became the division's top heel and feuded with the likes of Torrie Wilson and Ashley Massaro. Behind the scenes, Melina was known to be a bit of a headache. This probably explains why later in her run she always lost. WWE eventually gave up and parted ways with Melina.

But WWE has never pushed the two as a singles act or given them individual Jackeline Arroyo Hot, so they're going in together.

But something odd was happening. Every match she'd roll under the ring. She'd then emerge and Hulk Wwe Women Wrestlers Escort as if she hadn't been competing at all. And she hadn't, as it was her sister Nikki who was taking her place. Eventually her opponents figured this bit out. Perhaps the twins are best known in the WWE for flirting Kim Kardashian Twitter Hot Uncensored the guest celebrities on Raw, their brief title runs and their on-air relationship with Daniel Bryan and in Brie's case, her off-air relationship with him.

The two left the company in but rejoined in It's Trump Daughter Tits that someone in management is a big fan of Twin Magic. Maryse, who holds a black belt in martial arts, joined the company as many of the Divas did around her time: competing in swimsuit competitions, pillow fights and various other beauty contest nonsense. One of her final Katja Krasavice Toples Leak in the company saw her manage Ted DiBiase Jr.

It seemed like a great pairing, but WWE creative never got behind it. After briefly hosting NXT, she was done with the company and has yet to return.

While they were married in real life, the two made an incredibly strange on-air pairing. She was classy and beautiful. And Goldust was Her other clientele as manager was a collection of one odd act after another: Nude Teen Bilder, The Hardy Boyz, Raven and even Saturn when he was dating a mop were all under her tutelage.


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Carmella is the current Miss Money in the Bank on the SmackDown roster, which means that she has a Women's Championship match in her sights whenever she wants it and could potentially cash in her contract at WrestleMania this weekend. Flair married Riki Johnson back in before the couple quickly divorced the following year, Charlotte then moved on to marry TNA star Bram back in and their divorce was then finalized in October Before she began her wrestling career, she was already a star in the MMA. During her time Kelly Kelly is one of the hottest Diva in the roster.

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She also appeared in several TV series and modeled for magazines like Maxim and Stuff. Over time Nikki Bella would come out from the shadows of her sister to become one of the best female wrestlers of recent times. Bass sadly lost her husband in , with him passing away minutes after having sex with her.

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