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She wears an orange headband with her super-suit. Turning invisible to hide from the remaining guard and remaining invisible, she attacks him with a large stick. Clothes: Violet cannot turn her clothes invisible like herself, so she is forced to wear a super-suit that will turn invisible when she does. With help from Frozone, Violet and her brothers are able to escape when Dash enables the Incredimobileto pick them up. By generating additional force behind her psionic force shields, Violet can turn them into offensive weapons, as seen Violet Incredible Hot her fight against Voyd. She attacks one of the men with a large stick, while invisible. You can find store coupons, AliExpress coupons or you can collect coupons every day by playing games on the AliExpress app. In the currently last story arch, Violet is first seen at the mall with Helen she was possibly able to Violet Incredible Hot her mom to let her quit Violet Incredible Hot "job" looking at dresses. Despite the struggle turning vicious, Violet manages to subdue her and escape. Much to Violet's discontent, the couple is Tits Table Tennis to the movie theater by the Parrs.

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Just then, Dash returns and stops the soldier from killing Violet, who in return saves him from that soldier by enclosing both herself and Dash in a force field; both discover that she can float inside her force field if generated in mid-air. She uses force field projectiles to save citizens from falling debris. Violet refuses Elastigirl's order to hide and remains by her side until the Omnidroid is destroyed when Bob launches its detached claw which the robot has fired at Bob a little earlier to prevent him from getting his hands on the remote that penetrates through its bulk and rips out its brain pan, killing it. Violet's ability is limited in scope, however, and extends only to her own body.

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During this fight, Violet once again displays her increasing confidence, raising a large shield which protects her family from a hail of submachine gun fire. Lucius intervenes but is captured and hypnotized by Evelyn's goggles as well. When they realize that a plane won't be fast enough, Dash suggests they use a rocket, and Violet suggests that they just need to use the coordinates from the previous launch so they won't have to try to fly it manually.

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She managed to recuperate very quickly although she has been hit by the thing's gigantic metallic body. She is very shy, and, even at home, stays in the background and does not speak too much. This would fit both her personality and powers. When Bob goes away on a "business trip", things start to greatly improve at the Parr household, with Bob being a better father to his kids shown by hanging out with Dash, taking care of Jack-Jack, and kissing Violet on the nose.

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After Helen receives a job from Winston Deavor at Devtech to campaign the return of Supers, the Parrs are given a new, extravagant home owned by Deavor. After Helen trip-wires the robot, Violet acquires the remote used by Syndrome to control it. After the goggles are removed from the other hypnotized Supers, Violet works with Dash, Bob, and Lucius to prevent the rampaging ship from crashing into the city while Helen foils Evelyn's escape. Elastigirl instructs her children to use their powers should anything goes wrong, but when Violet tries to protest, Helen warns her children that the bad guys they will kill them if they have the chance. Violet calls Lucius for help when Bob is unable to tame Jack-Jack. She was also the one who suggested she and her brothers needed to take action after their parents and Lucius were in danger. Her super-suit consists of a red unitard with black bottoms and an "I" insignia on the chest, along with an orange belt and black gloves, thigh-high boots, and a black eye mask. Though the guards are quickly overpowered, Syndrome captures the entire family.

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Personality Throughout the first half of The Incredibles , Violet is symbolically hiding behind her hair, as a way to hide from the world. Unfortunately, they manage to get mind-controlling glasses onto Frozone's face and are able to gain control of him. She then spends the night crying and eating ice cream. This limits the usefulness of her invisibility to a great extent unless she wants to run in her suit all the time.

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After a brief and joyful reunion, the family works as a super-team for the first time as another wave of henchmen finds and attacks them. Blunt-force: While her shields are exceedingly sturdy, a particularly heavy, blunt force can potentially cause the wall of Violet's force field to hit her and dissipate, leaving her vulnerable to attack. Shocked and abashed, Violet runs away. Powers, Abilities, and Weaknesses "Hey, no force fields!

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