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Later that night Sybil reveals that she cut Seline out of her deal Brooke Lyn Nude Arcadius and that Seline did not have a free pass out of hell. In fact, they had a different Vampire Diaries Hot for the show altogether. Seline falls to the floor, seemingly dead. However, Seline found out what her sister had done and before the former met her end, she prayed to God for help, though another came. Once he appears to his servants Seline makes her plea to Vampire Diaries Hot up the twins in exchange for Lita Ford Nude freedom. She is involved in several sports: swimming, volleyball, water polo, and Tae-Kwon-Do, in which she has a black belt. With the twins, Sybil deduces Seline's plan to offer them to Arcadius in exchange for their freedom. She shuts the door, but upon returning to the kitchen, the knife she was using is missing. With their plan foiled, they attempted to have Ethan Maxwell to use the Maxwell bell to free their master from Hell. In The Simple Intimacy of the Near TouchSeline informs Caroline that she has the biggest piece of the artifact that could kill Sybil, who was out of control, however Caroline along with Bonnie dismiss Seline and her offer to be allies.

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While there, they befriended Ethan Maxwell , the local metalsmith and learned of the witches spelling a metal work of his, the town bell. While on the phone, she hears the front door open and assumes it to be Alaric but Caroline reassures her that he's still working the tunnels at the Armory. Sybil reasons that if Damon and Stefan could, then so could they. Alaric also seems to be impressed on how she did everything so effortlessly on Caroline's To Do List.

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Given this opportunity, Seline took her chance and was able to escape, leaving her sister behind in the process. Later Seline met with Alaric and the twins, where she erased the girl's memories of her, breaking the link. Wes Maxfield If you're going to be tortured by a mad scientist, it should be one who looks like Rick Cosnett, whose Dr. Seline possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a Siren.

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Ultimately, Seline's plan to sacrifice the town in exchange for Sybil's death is thwarted and they meet up a a dinner and Sybil wants to attempt to bury the hatchet between her and Seline. Unfortunately, the swoon-worthy vampire has some pretty stiff competition in the looks department from his big brother… No. She is of medium height with long, dark brown hair that is always down.

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She has round brown eyes and olive toned skin. One day, Sybil arrived on the island and Seline became her sister. Once she's taken down Virginia, Caroline "compels" Seline to take the girls to dinner and for ice cream, to be gone for a couple hours so she can interrogate Virginia for her attack. Filming took place in Sofia, Bulgaria throughout While there, Pete, from Sound, gave her a flash drive to give to Caroline. When Georgie failed to do the latter, Seline killed her and fed on her dead body. The fact that Bonnie calls him out when she sees he is regressing into his former self and won't placate him shows why Damon respected her.

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Yeah, whatever. The men are beautiful. Later that night, Seline calls Caroline asking if she's heard from Alaric, that his phone has been going straight to voice mail. Speaking of Tyler Lockwood… No.

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She then takes them, knowing that her identity has now been outed. No offense to Klaus and Kol, but Elijah is the hottest Original as far as we're concerned! Alaric also seems to be impressed on how she did everything so effortlessly on Caroline's To Do List. Bonnie and Enzo showed up and she talked to them about her story with Stefan.

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