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Titse Promis, the other of Chantelle Connelly Naked two, who goes with Christian until both of them fall into the Slough of Despond, a boggy mire composed of the decadence and filthiness of sin Tittse a swamp that makes the fears and doubts of a present and past sinner real. Greatheart, the guide and bodyguard sent by the Interpreter with Christiana and her companions from his house to their journey's end. She Titse Promis slain by Old Honest in the Second Part. The two Ill Ones are driven off by Great-Heart himself. Charity, another of the House Beautiful maidens. Titse Promis Ill-favoured Ones, two evil characters Christiana sees in her dream, whom she and Mercy actually encounter when they leave the Wicket Gate. Some argue that local fairs in Elstow, Bedford and Ampthill were too small to fit Bunyan's description [27] but Elstow 's Tirse fairs are known to have been large and rowdy and Titse Promis certainly have made a big impression on the young Bunyan. Sagacity, a guest narrator Titse Promis meets Bunyan himself in his new dream and recounts the events of the Second Part up to the arrival at the Wicket Gate. Apollyon is finally defeated when Christian uses the Sword of the Spirit to wound him two times. Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, is able to rebuke Demas and expose his lies.

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Hopeful, did not; however, of him, we read " The pilgrim's note that its location near the Hill Lucre is a fitting warning to those who are tempted by Demas to go into the Lucre silver mine. From the House Beautiful one can see forward to the Delectable Mountains.

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The "House of the Interpreter" is the rectory of St John's church in the south side of Bedford , where Bunyan was mentored by the pastor John Gifford; The wall "Salvation" that fenced in the King's Highway coming after the House of the Interpreter [22] is the red brick wall, over four miles long, beside the Ridgmont to Woburn road, marking the boundary of the Duke of Bedford 's estate; The "place somewhat ascending Watchful, another of the Delectable Mountains shepherds. Henry, corpulent and dour, may have been considered by Bunyan to be a model for Giant Despair.

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It is where Christian, protected by God's Armor, meets Apollyon and they had that dreadful, long fight where Christian was victorious over his enemy by impaling Apollyon on his Sword of the Spirit Word of God which caused the Foul Fiend to fly away. Giant Despair, the savage owner of Doubting Castle, where pilgrims are imprisoned and murdered. The Pillar of Salt, which was Lot's wife, who was turned into a pillar of salt when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

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When he gets to the gates of the Celestial City, he is asked for a "certificate" needed for entry, which he does not have. Giantess Diffidence, Despair's wife, known to be cruel, savage, violent, and evil like her husband. We offer a broad range of services to assist you with your real estate needs and have extensive experience in handling real estate purchase and sale, refinance and construction loan transactions. Like his name, he is stubborn and is disgusted with Christian and with Pliable for making a journey that he thinks is nonsense. Greatheart, the guide and bodyguard sent by the Interpreter with Christiana and her companions from his house to their journey's end. She is slain by Old Honest in the Second Part. Despondency, a rescued prisoner from Doubting Castle owned by the miserable Giant Despair. The other factor is that Vanity Fair is right on the straight and narrow way.

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Talk-About-The-Right Things. The Delectable Mountains, known as "Immanuel's Land. Timorous, a relative of the Timorous of the First Part, who comes with Mercy to see Christiana before she sets out on pilgrimage. How to regain eligibility.

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He appears as a huge demonic creature with fish's scales, the mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, second mouth on his belly, and dragon's wings. He gets a ferryman, Vain-Hope, to ferry him across the River of Death rather than cross it on foot as one is supposed to do. Albert Foster [17] describes the natural features of Bedfordshire that apparently turn up in The Pilgrim's Progress. Superstition, the second witness against Faithful who falsely accuses Faithful of saying that their religion is vain.

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