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I went nuts. I do well alone. He was salt of the earth. They let me paint. Would you fuck me now. Suburban Lawns — a killer. Nuude watched it recently. People are having terrible problems.

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I tried to be very married. He was fine. Rauschenberg was like that.

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California was a great place. Everything after was downhill. He did a lot of movies like that, but Chelsea Girls was a compilation of movies strung together.

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I love that. Mom had a son and did not have time to take care of him, so he was mine. You could talk to the audience. I was attracted to Gerard, and he pretended to be attracted to me.

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People are having terrible problems. I have no place in this world. I get up in the morning. I did everything with him. He was a really great guy. I take the subway. I was very conscious of my audience. Victor was born on my birthday.

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It was called Secret Cinema. But people said Warhol was weird. A lot of work lost. I like painting.

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It was good for me. I watched it recently. When he asked me to do a play, I knew exactly what he wanted, which is what I was already doing — theater. They answer in monosyllables, and then I talk in monosyllables.

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